The amount of content we have to create for our marketing and businesses can be overwhelming. There are blogs and captions to write, graphics to design, and videos and podcasts to be recorded.

There are some ways to make content creation a little easier and save yourself tons of time while still creating amazing content that your audience will love. 

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  • Ask what your audience wants

The quickest way to create content that converts and generates engagement? Ask your audience what they want. You can easily do this by simply creating polls in your Instagram stories or sending a market research survey to your audience. Either method will help you create content that your audience wants, and most importantly, needs.

Bonus tip: Also take a look at what your clients are answering in your intake/application form. Learn how to transform their answers into content in my Instagram post.

  • Batch your content

Learning how to batch your content is a simple way to save yourself some valuable time when creating tons of content. Basically, you would want to move all similar tasks together when planning your content calendars or tasks.

For example, I do all content creation for Hello Gel Media every Friday so my brain is just focused on that specific task and won’t get distracted with other business activities.

  • Repurpose your content

Another way to create tons of great content for your audience is to repurpose what you already have. Content takes time to create, so why not make the most of what you’ve already spent creating? You can easily repurpose content into different formats or even re-use older content that received a large amount of interest and engagement.

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  • Know your audience

You need to know your audience to create great content for them. As a content creator, you should know your audience even better than they know themselves. This is when market research and competitor research really come into play.

Ask your audience what they are currently struggling with and what type of help they need. You want to use those answers to create various content for them – educational content, inspirational content, storyteller content, etc.

  • Focus on storytelling

Adding a storytelling element to your content is the easiest way to make your content more enjoyable and entertaining.

Here’s an example:

Don’t just share an Instagram caption about hiring a coach when you can include a story from a past client, or talk about how your clients generally feel when they start working with you. That’s a lot more engaging than just saying, ‘this is why you need a health coach.’ Tell a story to help them envision themselves and their emotions.



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