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Ready to grow your business with less time?

Are you grinding away hours of work when your goal was to quit your job and be your own boss to have a freedom lifestyle but it feels like you’re doing the opposite since you’re tied to your desk for 40+ hours per week?!

Are you:

  • letting your content sit in one platform
  • leaving out a whole lot of people who want to consume your value-packed content
  • feeling overwhelmed and exhausted with your business because you’re doing ALL the things (even the tasks that do not move the needle in your business)


But what if it didn’t have to be this way?

This would look like:

  • getting your content seen by a whole new set of dream audience
  • working only 30 hours (or even less) per week
  • working only with the tasks and projects that light you up

I want to help you repurpose your content and manage your admin tasks so you can get wildly visible to a whole new set of dream audience and gain back more hours in your day (a.k.a. more time for you, your loved ones and your upcoming projects!)

"Okay Gel, how can I work with you?"

I thought you’d never ask! Choose the option that best suits you.

Hashtag Vault

This is a one-off package wherein you get 90 well-research hashtags that are customized for you, your business, your industry, your content, and your ideal audience/clients.

Virtual Assistance Support

My tiered packages are perfect for entrepreneurs who are ready to scale and work less than 30 hours per week.

How Does It Work?

1. Choose

Choose any of the packages from above and click “Learn More”.

2. Fill out the pre-app form

Make sure to be as detailed as possible so I know how to serve you better!

An application is also not a commitment.

3. Discovery Call

If your application form is accepted, we schedule a 20-minute discovery call to see if we are fit to work together. (The Hashtag Vault doesn’t require a discovery call to avail.)