The Ultimate Content Repurposing Guide


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It’s time to learn how to squeeze every drop of goodness out of all the amazing content you create—and quit letting all your hard work go to waste!

This guide is for you if you want to:

  • Save time on content creation (so you have more time to spend with clientsor your family!)
  • Get leads and make more money from the same piece of content over and over again (This is a real thingand I can show you how to do it!)
  • Win more customers with less work!
  • Work content repurposing into your current marketing plan in fun, creative ways

Then this is exactly what you need! Here’s what you’re getting inside this 4 chapter guide…

Chapter 1: You Already Have Everything You Need (But First You Have to Find It)

Chapter 1 Is all about mining your own content for the hidden gems you’ve long forgotten about (or never actually finished). You’ll learn all about how to get it organized so you can put this content to work for you right away.

Chapter 1 covers:

    • Why you need to go back to business basics before you repurpose a single word and the top 3 things you MUST get crystal-clear about to rock your content repurposing.
    • What a “sub-niche” is and why it’s essential to know yours if you want to repurpose the “right” content.
    • How to find killer content you don’t even remember creating (it exists!)  and exactly what to do with all your abandoned content (To use it or not to use it-that IS the question, and we’ll answer it!)
    • 3 smart ways to evaluate your content and decide what makes the cut and what gets left on the cutting room floor.
    • The LAST thing you ever want to do to people who buy from you and how to avoid it.
    • How to identify how your ideal customer thinks and learns and exactly why this matters so much.
    • Why you shouldn’t just dump your content that didn’t get a ton of engagement and what to do with it instead.
    • The ONE simple thing you can do differently with your content plus surprising ways to go the extra mile with your content to ensure your readers keep coming back for more.
    • How to find and organize your content without driving yourself crazy!

You know the phrase “Everything old is new again”? This chapter will show you how true that statement is, and why that’s actually amazing news for your content repurposing efforts.

Chapter 2: Variety is the Key to Reaching Bigger Audiences

In Chapter 2, we’ll look at ways to make all your old copy and content feel fresh, original and brand sparkling newwithout having to rewrite it to death.  It’s time to think outside your normal content-creation habits!

Chapter 2 is all about:

    • Why you need to rethink your old content creation habits and regular go-to’s to get the biggest results from your repurposed content 
    • The EASIEST way to repurpose content without more creation, plus how to use a single piece of content 6 different ways!
    • How to revamp static content so it stays hot and relevant and brings in leads consistently, months and even years later!
    • 4 easy, hands-off ways to get the most mileage from your repurposed content without doing it yourself.

Chapter 3: Get Out of Your Content Rut

It’s time for Chapter 3! This module is all about using what comes naturally to you to create the most powerful content possible. We’ll dive into fresh, creative ways to repurpose and share your content, including:

  • 10 creative ways to repurpose and share 10 specific types of contentlike raiding your membership sites, transcribing podcasts, bundling blog posts and so much more!
  • What to do with all those old Facebook Livesincluding seven fun ways to turn one Live into multiple forms of content. (You haven’t heard these yettrust me!)
  • The two opposing things you need to focus on to repurpose successfully and create powerful resultsplus an insider’s look at a really simple formula for fast repurposing.
  • How to find the content repurposing methods that work best for you so you can consistently put out the best content for your people, quickly.
  • One surprising benefit the content repurposing process can lead you to which means you’ll never have to worry about a “flopped” launch again.
  • The one thing you need to include on almost every piece of contentif you take nothing else away from this module, let it be this!

Chapter 4: The Hidden “Content” You Haven’t Even Thought of Yet

Finally, we’ll talk all about finding the content you probably don’t even count as contentyet. Even when you think you’ve “done it all,” I promise there’s still an entire library of content you haven’t touched yet. 

In Chapter 4, we’ll cover… 

    • One of the best places to look for content that most business owners take for granted and what to look for once you “get there.”
    • How to creatively repurpose content based on the tools, apps and online SaaS systems you love and bring in leads and income, too!
    • Five content repurposing hacks, tips and tricks you’ve never thought ofincluding one simple technique that’ll help you work repurposing into your content creation process right from the start (not as an afterthought!)
    • Three free and paid tools to make repurposing faster and easierand the one thing you need to do first if you really want them to work for you.


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